Nice case for pi 4

I like putting all the ports at the back.


Nice. Did you purchase this? Wondering about fan noise? I’m looking for a quiet fan case, and I like the port config on this!

No I just posted.

Yes, I use this also.

It’s a little fiddly to set up, but worth for the port management.

In my version of the case,since there is no fan, fan noise is non-existent.

There’s also this -

  • Passive & Active Cooling
    • The case top provides passive cooling for the Raspberry Pi, alongside a software controllable fan inside the case for temperature management.

Thanks for your responses. To @xxx 's point about cooler temps, maybe I don’t need a fan. I was planning to run three Endpoints/DACs off of one Pi4 running Ropieee. I’ll see if I can find data on how hot these units run with that kind of load. Maybe I can just go fanless.

Just checked Amazon and the case with fan is unavailable - -
This is the case I bought awhile ago -

Does the on/off switch work when Ropiee is installed? The other cases I’ve seen with an on/off switch requires a script to be installed on the pi.

I’ve been using this fanless aluminum case on my RPi 4. I’m using USB so I don’t have a HAT installed. It has kept the board temp under 40C.

Geekworm case

I have RoPieee XL installed. I didn’t install that script.

In my case, to turn it off or on requires two presses of the switch.