Nice work, Roon Labs!

Just wanted to say thanks to Roon Labs for this great software. After my fourth trial, I have finally subscribed. Since this last trial started I haven’t launched JRiver, so that told me it was time to move on.

Roon UI is far superior. Roon networking is far superior. Roon metadata is far superior. Roon phone/tablet remotes are far superior. Roon software is easier to setup and more stable. Roon support is friendlier, more responsive, and more knowledgeable. Roon sound quality seems a little better, but maybe that’s bias because theoretically they should be the same?

Tidal integration is the icing on the cake. I started and stopped my Tidal subscription several times because I didn’t like their apps, UI, or playback options. Roon fixes all that and makes Tidal usable for me.

JRiver still does a couple of things better, particularly playlists. I’m sure Roon will improve this over time. My observation is that JRiver is a great file manager but Roon is a better music library and playback manager.

Roon Labs appears to focus on critical features and getting things right in an orderly manner. I like that. Roon Labs also appears to have the resources, technical chops, and industry juice to make good things happen. I like that too.

Anyway, just wanted to give my feedback after taking the plunge.


Same here, GREAT piece of software, and that‘s from a long-time Aurender user!

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Like to agree with both these posts. For me, the success in using Roon is the fact that I’m listening to my music so much more now that I was previously (and buying more too!). I don’t subscribe to Tidal or any other subscription service as I like to own my music and not feel that I will lose everything if at some point in the future I don’t want to pay the subscription, but I became a lifetime supporter of Roon this summer because it really works for me. My collection is mostly classical (and suffers from some of the metadata challenges of classical music, although careful curating on import generally helps a lot) but Room is working great for me with my collection of around 350 albums / 6600 tracks.