Nimitra fidelizer vs sonictransporter ...and audio software to enhance setup

considering adding one of these to my setup…both seem quality units.
has anyone ever tried both and care to report any differences.

my setup is simple enough:
lps1 power - microrendu - ifi micro idsd dac (soon to be upgraded), -Roon and Tidal streaming
on my old windows laptop.

would any software purchases enhance the sound with the simple setup
that I have…I know fidelizer sells one
as does amarra and others (jplay, etc)

I have not used the SonicTransporter but here’s my experience with the Nimitra:

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many thanks!.
wish there was an option similarly priced to the sonictransport i5, however.
US$1300 is a bit steep…also I wonder if any updates can be made on such
products to future proof them for a bit, esp given how digital moves so fast.

What do you mean updates? You can manage the Nimitra just like any other PC.

firmware updates…etc

Of course.

Thank you Kalman for your generous support. I’ve launched the first official firmware 2.0 update here.

Aside from firmware update, I also provide remote assistance services to provide wider access of computer audio solutions to customers. :slight_smile: