Nita Strauss now performing with Demi Lovato

I was curious if anybody else saw this? She was playing with Alice Cooper and I forget who before this and she recently came out with solo album in 2018. I thought she was going to break out of her shell but now she’s performing with Demi Lovato??? I almost feel this is a step backwards for her, was curious what others thought. Tbh, I think she’s an incredible guitarist that fits very well in the metal scene, but that’s just my opinion.

Here is her playing for the first time with Demi Lovato.

Good for her. Bigger gig, if she feels it’s right for her at this stage of her career, it’s never a step backwards.

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I respect that, I’m interested to see where she goes from here.

Edit: It’s definitely a bigger gig with a much younger age group.

I read about it last week or week before and was a little surprised I must say.
Bigger gig maybe but such a different genre and target audience move?
Not sure how this will pan out but hope she knows what she is doing.
Good luck I say but will be interesting to see see how it goes long term.
I did get to see her play with Alice though this year😁

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Lucky, so did my friend :metal:. Of course she wasn’t at the festival I went to :joy: