No access to Roon server on Synology NAS

To day none of my devices could get service out of Roon.In fact get connected.
Providing an IP address for the server left roon, on my Windows 10 PC, silent.
What could I do I am locked out of Roon and have no key.
Yes I can see the synology files but for what purpose. Roon is installed from the outside with Windows.
Thank god having stopped Synology and restarted it every thing went back to normal.
Weird experience. It got me concerned for the future.
What do you do in a similar situation?
Thank you.

Hey there @Jacques_DRISCART,

I’m glad to know that a reboot resolved things for you! Is this the first time you’ve experienced this behavior?

It seems like the Synology may have just been in a weird state and the reboot fixed things, but definitely let us know if it happens again and we can take a closer look here.


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