No access to some translations

Dear Roon Team, dear @noris

Today I finished the translations for the last Polish release 1.8 b.870. After that, I wanted to standardize some of the old translations. Unfortunately, I do not have access to many of my translated strings. E.g.

From what I can see, I do not have access to the same translations in different language versions (English, German).

Please help me.


Same problem for me.

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Dear @danny, @ivan, @Danny, any ideas?

Hey @Tomasz_Czubkowski ,

Thanks for the report! We are able to reproduce similar behavior on our end and we are looking into it, thanks again for flagging!


Hi @Tomasz_Czubkowski / @Tor_Gunnar_Berland ,

We made some changes here, can you please check on your end to see if the links are working now? Thanks!

Dear @noris. I can confirm. It works now. Thank you. Tom.

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All good :+1:

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