No Airplay and Chromecast devices show up

I have two Roon setups. Both with the Core on a Synolgy NAS. One system doesn’t show the Airplay and Chromecast devices at the Audio settings, so I can’t enable them. I have several Airplay and Chromecast players live on the netwerk. The second system shows the airplay and chrome cast players without any problems. I can’t figure out what’s wrong at the first system.

Hi @iEar_iEar,

Do you have Open vSwitch enabled? In the past we have found that disabling this option will resolve issues with Roon Cores on Synology devices being unable to see Airplay and Chromecast devices.

Open vSwitch was enabled, I disabled it and now all the Sonos, Airpla, Chromecast and KEF LSX devices are there! Thank you Dylan.

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