No AirPlay devices appearing in Settings > Audio screen

Core Machine

Synology DS918+
DSM 6.2.4
Intel Celeron J3455

Network Details

DS918+ is connected by ethernet cable to Synology RT2600AC
Airplay devices are connected to the same network over Wifi

Audio Devices
Attempting to connect to Airplay devices Apple TV 4K and Onkyo HT-L05

Library Size
Small new library (~1000)

Description of Issue
Airplay devices are not visible in the Settings > Audio screen in the Roon app. I’ve tried to add the above devices from two different MacBooks and an iPhone (connected by Wifi to the same network). The AirPlay devices don’t appear in the list at all. Those AirPlay devices do appear outside of the Roon app for casting audio.

I have adjusted the Apple TV settings to alllow AirPlay from everyone, and with no password. The Onkyo doesn’t have any configuration options for AirPlay.

Both the Apple TV and Onkyo receiver have the latest firmware.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if any further info is required.

Just to add a resolution to my own topic, I figured out the problem.

The Open vSwitch setting in DSM prevents Roon Server from communicating with AirPlay and Chromecast devices. It will automatically enable if you install VMM (note that you need it enabled if you use VMM, which I do not).

You can disable it: Control Panel > Network > Network Interface > Select interface and choose Manage > Open vSwitch settings. Uncheck the enable box.

And just like that, I have several more endpoints in my house now.

I imagine if you do need to use VMM you could set up a separate network interface for the purpose and enable Open vSwitch on that instead of the default interface.

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