No Album Art on Aries G1

I have just signed up to Roon, have transferred all of my ALAC music library onto a dedicated NUC and have finished setting up Roon. So I am a complete newbie.

My main system is an Aurilac Aries G1 streamer playing into the DAC in a Naim Superuniti. When I play an album or track through the G1 I don’t get any cover art displayed. Its all there on the Roon app but wont display at all on the G1.

When I originally ripped my music to iTunes I used the highes res cover art I could find, could this be the issue.

Also when I stream radio 4, I get no display

Would be very grateful for any helpful tips.

Well I’ve sorted this out now. Turned out to be a very complicated solution. I tried a variety of things such as changing the artwork of an album to very small jpeg, trying adding artwork to same directory, and using different types of picture formats. In the end I solved it by switching off the Aries and back on again :frowning: