No album art when sending over Airplay

I’m playing tracks from Roon on my mac to my Denon over Airplay. Locally, Roon shows the album art, but the Denon only shows “No image available” on the screen where the album art should be.

Is this a problem with streaming to Airplay, or something specific to Denon’s implementation? Are there known pitfalls (eg, can’t handle album art over a certain size, etc)?


I know this works on AppleTV so I’m guessing it’s this:

Let me look into it and get back to you. What’s the model number? Does it work with other sources?

It’s an AVR-X4000. I can try doing the same on my Marantz if you’d like, though my guess is it would have the same issue since they share a lot of functionality. It’ll take more effort to try my AppleTV but I can if you want me to.

I just tried my Marantz 8801 by creating a group and playing the same to both systems at the same time over Airplay. It works on the Marantz, I see the album art. So it’s something specific to the Denon.

Ok, thanks a lot for the feedback.

Sorry this was unclear – I meant, do you get cover art with the Denon using iTunes, iPhone, other apps, etc?

I sent the same track over Airplay from iTunes and from Roon to the Denon. Album art worked with iTunes, did not work with Roon.

Any progress here? I’m happy to provide more details if necessary.

Just sent you a PM @Mike_Pinkerton – we’ll take a look at your logs and see what we can do here.