No Album Artwork

Hello, there is a problem with displaying album art or any other pictures. It does not make a difference if I use my own library or Qobuz etc. No pics. It started that randomly album art was missing and all of a sudden It reappeared, but now it does not work at all. Any idea? Remote is running on several iPads (all the same behavior) .

Thanks Gerhard

Have you seen this?

Maybe changing the memory settings for imagery will help. Use a low value, like 96 MB.
Settings->setup etc.

Hope this helps.

Thank you both! I have re-installed the roon server and remote and have reduced the memory size which was around 500 MB.

So far everything works fine.


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Thanks for letting us know the issue is resolved @Gerhard_Arlt!
If you run into further difficulties, just let us know and we can take another look!

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