No album covers with windows 10 PC

Just bought a Nucleus.
I have 3 remotes, 2 android devices that work ok, and a pc with Windows 10 Pro that doesn´t show the album covers.
What can I do ?

Hello @Armando_Neto,

Welcome to the forum! Do you by any chance have any firewalls active on the Windows 10 PC?
I have also seen these symptoms occur for other users when they have Logitech G Hub software active and we’re looking into this, are you by any chance using Logitech G Hub on your end?

Hello Noris.
Thank for your contact.
Yes i have a firewall but with Roon permission.
Let me tell you that I had a Roon trial period some months ago, but at that time I did no go ahead with the subscription. All worked ok.
The system is now the same, other than a faster internet.
No Hub software active.

If it was months ago and you have windows update on, then it isn’t the same.

I don’t know why but the album covers are allwright now.

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Hi @Armando_Neto,

Thanks for letting us know the issue resolved itself! If you see this behavior reoccur, please just let us know and we can take another look, thanks!

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