No Album Image for Bach's Brandenburg Concerto 4-6


I’m new to Roon (installed in yesterday), and rather pleased with the results so far. I understand, that I can add cover images if roon cannot provide a image for the album. However, I am little puzzled as to why Roon is unable to provide an image in one particular instance, as it can provide an image in another very similar instance. Let me explain. I have recordings of the Bach’s Brandenburg Concerts 1-3 and 4-6. For the 1-3 recording Roon can provide an image, whereas for the 4-6 recording Roon can correctly identify the album but fails to provide an image. I have included some screenshots to illustrate my point. The first screenshot shows the Art Work for the Brandenburg 1-3

The following two screenshots show that the cover art for the Brandenburg 4-6 is not available.

Thank you very much for your support.

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Is the album showing as identified?

Hi Ged

as far as I can tell. Where would I see this?

If I click on “Identify Album” that’s what I get. The top album in the list is the correct album. This information is pulled from Roon, I believe. Everything is there, except for the image.

My suggestion would be to forget about this version and pick one of the other recordings listed, which are far more interesting.

I have Ton Koopman’s version of the Brandenburg concertos and find it much closer to the spirit and form of the work than Richter’s, which may have been a reference in the seventies but is now fairly outdated.

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Thank you very much for your kind suggestion. I will most certainly look into this. It still hope, however, that I will get an answer to my original question :slightly_smiling_face:

I this case, Roon only shows the metadata you entered yourself (or were added by your ripping software). It cannot not find any match on, which is its source of recordings data, therefore it cannot fetch any artwork for your cd either.

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