No album liner notes

I’m kind of surprised there are no liner notes in Roon. The front of the album
is shown-- why not at least the back as well? It seems to me this should be
pretty basic.

This is particularly irritating with classical where there may be works from
several composer on a given album, however on the playlist all we may get is the Opus no.
and allegro non troppo,etc., but the composer of the actual piece is not listed.

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Have you tried adjusting the settings?

I agree that to really live up to the visual “wow” that Roon promises on its home page, it would be best to integrate the possibility for more images per album. It may be hard to source internal gatefold, back, or liner note images, but the user could always scan and import. I understand there is already the possibility of displaying PDFs but that is not really an integrated feature that truly leverages the art that some albums represent.

Hardly a top priority given there are some really good functionality ideas yet to be implemented. But it “would be nice.”

Thanks, but that doesn’t bring up the composer for a particular track. I can figure it out, look it up, etc., but
I’m curious why, if Roon can show the front of an album, why not at least the back as well? There’s lots of really good info on the back I’d like to see.

Where are you looking? I see the composer listed for each track in the Track browser, and for tracks displayed in the Album detail page in the Album browser…

For instance: IMG_1053IMG_1054

It should look like this:

Here’s a tip. If you’ve added this album from TIDAL to your library, just re-identify the album in Roon. Sometimes, Roon needs the extra push to associate all the metadata with a TIDAL album.

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