No Album List - alternative solution?

I have a 19 volume collection of albums via Qobuz, each existing as individual albums. The titles are long enough such that I can not see the Volume name.

How do I find “Vol 1” in this list? Searching for Vol 1 turns up Vol 1, Plus Vol 10-19. A list view would be great.

I realize that I could reorganize these as multiple discs of the same album, but given that there are several different performers, I’d rather not do that, and it would be a lot of scrolling.

A pragmatic workaround might be to rename “Vol 1” to “Vol 01”.

Or Edit Album to start with 01 or 02 etc.

Can you use the filter in this screen?

I can use the filter, but if I search for “Vol 1” I experienced the problem described in the initial note. I could rename each title, but of course that’s laborious and not a general solution. A list, or a mouseover with the complete name would work too. Currently I have to click into each album to figure out what it is.

I believe that editing is the only solution. That’s why you didn’t get less annoying suggestions.

Edit 1 - 9 to 01 - 09 , painful but then your albums will sort correctly as well

Like much software the sort is alphabetic and can’t consider the numbers , using 01 etc forces a correct sort then use Filter = “01”

Job done ,

I ended up with a different solution than anything suggested.

Given that it was a 19 volume set, I decided to utilize the Merge Albums feature and just had to sort the volumes into order before committing.

Two advantages of this approach:

  1. No I can just select “Disc #” from the pull down menu to navigate to the one of interest (or view them all), and they’re neatly sorted in order.
  2. They only take up one album space in my views.

One disadvantage of this approach:

  • Roon didn’t recognize the grouped volume, so I had to manually supply cover art.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

Still I wish Roon would implement some type of feature to make managing longer titles a tad easier – for example, if you mouseover a long title for 1-2 seconds, it could start horizontal scrolling the title so you can examine it. Clicking in/out works, but you can loose your place in navigating easily.

The other drawback is that all search and focus options slow down a the album is bigger. How many discs does it add up to

Not being ID’ed also doesn’t help compositions etc , Roon depends on ID for a lot of functions

You may have “merged yourself into a corner”