No albums show up in TIDAL -> Your Favorites -> Artists Tab

(Joel Remender) #1

@support I updated everything Build 8, new firmware to Roon Nucleus, search still doesnt work. Did this get tested before release? Is there something I am missing? The only way I can play my music is if I go to Tidal, Search, Artist. If i go to Tidal, My Favorites I just get artists with no albums. Can I get elevated to another level of support or can someone please call me? Thanks!

Crestron Control integration TIDAL Search
(Noris) #2

Hello @Joel_Remender,

We have improved the behavior when searching in the Crestron module if you navigate from Explore Menu -> TIDAL -> Search TIDAL. This behavior is working as expected and I am getting the desired results on my end.

The behavior that you reported here is a separate issue, you are seeing 0 albums when navigating to TIDAL -> Your Favorites -> Artists. As this is a separate issue and there is no search involved here, it has not been addressed in our latest Crestron update.

Thank you for your report, I have gone ahead and filed a ticket for this behavior with the dev team and we plan to address this in a future Crestron release, there is no further action that you need to take on your part.

I oversee the home automation aspect of Roon and elevating you to the next level of support won’t do much since I have just confirmed for you that this is a bug and I have just submitted a ticket to address it directly with the dev team, all I ask is for a bit of patience until our next Crestron release.


(Joel Remender) #4

Any news on when Build 9 will be released?

(Noris) #5

Hi @Joel_Remender,

Thank you for your interest here. Build 9 of the Crestron module is currently being tested internally and will be released in the near future.


(Joel Remender) #6

@support Any news on getting this fixed? Currently I navigate to Tidal - My Favorites - Artists and there is only 1 Artist listed, however it does show multiple albums for that artist. If I just use the Roon app everything works fine.

(Noris) #7

Hi @Joel_Remender,

Are you certain that you are using the correct profile on your Crestron touch-panel? If you go to settings -> profile on the Crestron touchpanel, is the same profile selected as the one you have in Roon?

This issue was already addressed so you should not be seeing the 0 albums issue. If this still does not show up as expected, can you please share some screenshots of both your Roon artists page and the Crestron Artists page by using these instructions?