No albums show up in TIDAL -> Your Favorites -> Artists Tab

(Joel Remender) #1

@support I updated everything Build 8, new firmware to Roon Nucleus, search still doesnt work. Did this get tested before release? Is there something I am missing? The only way I can play my music is if I go to Tidal, Search, Artist. If i go to Tidal, My Favorites I just get artists with no albums. Can I get elevated to another level of support or can someone please call me? Thanks!

Crestron Control integration TIDAL Search
(Noris) #2

Hello @Joel_Remender,

We have improved the behavior when searching in the Crestron module if you navigate from Explore Menu -> TIDAL -> Search TIDAL. This behavior is working as expected and I am getting the desired results on my end.

The behavior that you reported here is a separate issue, you are seeing 0 albums when navigating to TIDAL -> Your Favorites -> Artists. As this is a separate issue and there is no search involved here, it has not been addressed in our latest Crestron update.

Thank you for your report, I have gone ahead and filed a ticket for this behavior with the dev team and we plan to address this in a future Crestron release, there is no further action that you need to take on your part.

I oversee the home automation aspect of Roon and elevating you to the next level of support won’t do much since I have just confirmed for you that this is a bug and I have just submitted a ticket to address it directly with the dev team, all I ask is for a bit of patience until our next Crestron release.