No app available for QNAP

Core Machine


Network Details


Audio Devices

Ethernet connected.

Library Size

Only a few for now.

Description of Issue

Changed NAS drive to SSD recommended but cannot find app to download.

No, it’s been retracted as there were some security issues with it.
I noticed @crieke has made necessay changes and submitted the newest version to their appstore, but it is not yet published.

You can find it here in the mean time:

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Is that the qnap versions as this is what I need
Many thanks

Just click the button:

I uninstalled my previous QNAP app and installed this version this morning, works fine.
(Please note, that uninstall+reinstall will require a database backup and restore if you’d like to keep your settings and DB)

Just manually install this new version, no need to uninstall the previous version. This way you don’t need to restore from backup. Works fine here.

You are absolutely correct, but in this particular case i deemd it better to uninstall (to make sure any vulnerable code wasn’t left behind).
But normally, the QNAP packages upgrade just fine, with kept database.
I still recommend a db backup beforehand though! :wink: