No artist / title shown - Rock Antenne, Ismaning, Germany

Can you please have a loo at the Rock Antenne stream ( There’s no artist / title information shown in Roon. Other players like VLC or Volumio show the information.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Ok, this may take a while - and no guarantees!

Firstly, the url is a playlist and contains a reference to another stream. That’s ok except that the other stream is re-directed to another. The end result is that Roon loses track of the metadata.

Now I can fix that by adding the underlying true stream, and that will work. For now. If Rock Antenne decide to change that underlying stream, Roon will fall back to one of the official others - the .m3u for instance.

Anyway, I’ve changed the main station. Please check.

I’ll do the rest in due course.

Thxs a lot Brian.

It’s working now!

Ok @Martin_Huvar. I think I’ve done all the Rock Antenne streams.

Let’s hope they don’t change things now.