No Artists found in library after Roon upgrade [Resolved]

I upgraded to Roon 1.3 and now when I go to use Roon a message appears “No artists found in your library” In the window “Choose Music Storage Folder” it a message comes up that the folder with my music files is unavailable. I have checked the connections ethernet & USB connections on my server and everything appears to be properly connected. Do you have any suggestions as to how to get Roon to see the artists in my library?


See if this does anything. Select the three dots next to the storage location click edit and then browse and go to the location where your music files are located and add that location. If that does not work post some more details of your setup and I’m sure someone will be able to help.

Editing the storage location is good advice: 1.3 brought some changes in the way storage paths are treated. DO NOT remove your current storage location – ONLY edit it!

When you remove and readd storage, Roon will scan your files all over again, basically starting anew. By editing, Roon will just verify the presence of your files at the newly specified location.


As you suggested I selected the three dots next to the storage location and tried to edit but a message comes up that the drive is not available. The drive is a Vortex box server and I checked its Ethernet & USB connections and they appear fine. Using trouble shooter, a problem was found that states “The remote device or resources won’t accept the connection”.

Here is information about my system: I have an ethernet connected home network controlled by a DELL XPS8700 computer. I rip and store my music CD’s using a Vortexbox ripper/server. The Roon core is a SonicTransporter i5 server connected to a MicroRendu microprocessor and to my DAC headphone amplifier.

Yesterday the connection was working fine because I had successfully ripped 20 CD’s onto the Vortexbox ripper server. In fact when I did a backup of the music files to a portable hard drive, using my DELL computer, I could see that the music files and the associated Roon data were being backed up. I then went to the Roon icon on my computer screen and clicked it and it said that a Roon update was available so I updated Roon; however as discussed, Roon now can’t find my music files on stored on the Vortexbox server.

Do you have any other suggestiosns as to how to get Roon to recognize my music files located in the Vortexbox server?


I don’t know anything about vortex box. I think this is one for @Jesus_Rodriguez. This will flag him and hopefully he will respond shortly.

Or maybe that should be @agillis. Sorry to be mixing you up.

I still have not been able to resolve my problem that Roon is unable to find my music files on my Vortexbox server after I upgraded to Roon 1.3

In the attached screenshot you will note that upon the Roon upgrade, the address changed from to

Is it possible that I have entered the address with the incorrect forward or backward slashes or something else that is incorrect? It seems to be that this was so the last time I had this problem but I am still unable to get it to work using forward or backward slashes.


Hi @Greg_Johnson ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your continued feedback with us, both are very appreciated! My apologies for the slow response here.

Moving forward, can you confirm for me that the you are able to successfully ping the Vortexbox using the IP address being assigned to it (

Furthermore, can you briefly outline what the chain of communication looks like across your setup. You mentioned that you have an ethernet connected home network controlled by a DELL XPS8700 computer. Please expand on this and list any other networking hardware you may be implementing (i.e router(s), switches, repeaters, extenders, etc).

Lastly, just some additional information on how we recommend mounting network based storage device in Roon.


@Eric, not to interfere, but both the vortex box and one of the SonicTransporters are on

Perhaps Disable the Sonictransporter storage location with the same address?


@Rugby — GREAT CATCH! Thank you for pointing that out to me!

Agreed. @Greg_Johnson, this should be the first step here.



Andrew Gillis took remote control of my computer this afternoon and was able to get Roon working again. I am not sure exactly what he did other than copy an IP address from somewhere on my system and paste it in Roon. He did mention in an e-mail to me that I may be able to set a static reservation in my router to keep the IP address from changing again. Not being that computer literate I am not understanding why this IP address changed upon my upgrade to Roon 3.1.



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