No audio after a short time and titles are speeding by

After one album, Radio should start. The first song mutes, so audio output and after that, songs are speeding by and there is no audio output. I am using a Innuos server that worde perfect until now.

hello, I already noticed this problem. must then restart the Innuos. Does anyone have a solution? :mega:

Well, I tried unplugging and replugging my USB cable. That helped in case of „no sound“. Next time it happens, I will try a generic USB cable instead of my Oyade.
Before I had my new DAC, Bryston, I had a Hugo that was running without any problems. This one is apparently using a rather cheap USB cable. Hopefully it is just a hardware problem.

good evening
Thanks for the tip, the next problem I will try the advice

No USB cable problem. It still happens.

Tried several things. It is not a Roon-related problem, I think. First it was my Surface controller that lost connection. Solved. Then I created two other zones: one is my iPad with my old Hugo as Dac, works perfect. The other is my old Musical Fidelity USB converter that converts USB to Toslink or Spdif-cable. Toslink is then connected to the Bryston. Works great as well. So there can only be one culprit: Brystons USB receiver in the BDA3. Does any other Bryston BDA owner experience similar drop outs?
Sorry Roon guys, not your fault.

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