No audio after roon update 952 (Innuos Zenith mk3 Roon mode Gaia + Terminator Plus using clock)

I feel this is probably a problem for only people using a Denafrips Gaia and a Terminator Plus on clock sync mode. After the most recent Roon update to 1.8 build 952, there is no audio when using clock sync.

Some interesting facts:
Audio is working when clock sync is turned off.
Audio works from other sources through the Gaia & Terminator with clock on
Rebooting did not help
Turning off roon and using innuos instead, works

Anyone else have this issue?

I put it under support so that more help can come from the volunteers and the Roon team can find it more easily on Monday. Thank you for your comments and thanks to all device owners who want to help or have their own experiences

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I figured it out.

I found that 44.1, 88.2 ,176.4, and DSD did not play audio in clock sync mode, but 48, 96, 192 did work.

Turns out one of the clock sync cables went bad.
All fixed.

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I’ve always known it: audiophiles don’t have a screw loose in their head, but in the network a cable is loose or out of date. As unfunny as it is sometimes, but with a cool head look through everything again and the error is found. Thanks for the message.

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