No Audio analysis for Flac Files 176.4 KHZ 24 bit

No audio analysis shown for Flac 176.4 KHZ 24 bit files.

Hi @Ioannis_Papadopoulos,

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing in Roon?

Are these recently added files? Do you see a spinner in the upper-right?

The screenshot

No audio analysis at the bottom.

Background Audio Analysis has been made twice the last couple of days, on the whole library, and individually many times on those 176.4 KHZ 24bit files.
The result is always the same. No visual audio analysis.

Hi @Ioannis_Papadopoulos,

Would you mind sharing one of the tracks that’s experiencing this behavior with us?

Ideally, you can zip up the file and send me a private message containing a shared dropbox link. If you don’t have Dropbox or need another way to send the media, just let me know.

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