No Audio Bose USB

Roon Version - 1.3 build 2.42 64bit
Win8.1Pro 64bit
Desktop 16GB ram
Music stored on internal SATA drives
~60k tracks

No audio despite all settings set to default. All other audio products work without any issues: PLEX, VLC, FOOBAR. Audio drivers up-to-date. Nothing fancy, simply looking for audio. Rebooted computer after install.

Hi @Kurt_Schneider ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Both are very appreciated!

Moving forward, I would like to grab a set of logs from you but first could you please verify the following for me:

  1. If you were to play directly out of the device hosting your Roon core (via “system output”), do you have any issues with playback through the internal speakers?

  2. Since noticing this behavior, have you tried testing with another USB mounted device to see if you could playback successfully? If so, what were the results of the test?

  3. Any difference with “exclusive mode” enabled?
    (device setup - > “Playback” tab)

  4. Please confirm the make and model of the BOSE device you are referencing in your post.


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