No audio device found Mac Mini OS Catalina

Hello Mike,
I have No audio devices found problem.
I use Mac mini 2014 (Mac OS Catalina - btw I do not update because of ccassionally I use too Korg DAC 100 that needs a driver that is no longer supported by new MAC OS). Everything was ok until Thursday morning.
Mac plays Tidal with Korg USB R10 DAC with no problem now but Roon does not see anything not even the system.

I use remote. Both on iPad and IPhone. On both remotes the same issue.

Besides everything is ok. Greetings form Poland (Closer Acoustics)

Now problem solved. I don’t know how… :smile: :astonished:
Nothing changed. Only the Mac was off for few hours. Previously swithing off/on did nothing. The Gremlins :smile:
Have a wonderfull week end

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