No audio device found roon 1.8 on qnap ts473

Core Machine

Qnap ts473 O.s 4Gb ram roon app installede on ssd

Network Details

Switch linksys lg528, router aethra bg8520EW

Audio Devices

Mytek brooklyn bridge, bluenodesound 2i

Library Size

about 5000 album

Description of Issue

After the installation of 1.8 version Roon can’t discover audio device on network, i restart every component on the network including Nas and router and also try to reinstall Roon but no one of the attempts solve the problem. Now i don’t know what to do again.

It’s great to welcome you to the Community @crescenzio! Let’s see how we can narrow this down.

To start with, please share a few more details about your network. What brand/model of router, how are each of your devices, in turn, connected to your Core?

  • Try restarting your Core and your NAS at the same time, if you haven’t done so already.
  • Make sure you’re using the most recent build (795) available on Roon and check to see if any other devices (QNAP, bluenode, etc.) need firmware updates. If you update anything, please restart both the device and the Core.
  • If you take an endpoint and connect it directly to your Core (using a cable, USB, etc.), are you able to see it & play to it?
  • Finally, have you been making regular backups? That’s useful to know if we determine that a restore would help.

hi Kirsten thanks for your fast response.

  1. we have reinstalled roon, so when we restart the nas automatically the core restarts. we restarted both the core and nas many times
  2. we are using the most recent build available on Roon
  3. we can’t directly connect the endpoint to the Core, since it is a simple NAS HD, without any installable device drivers
  4. We didn’t do regular backups, sorry, we will from now on!

here you can find our dropbox link to Roon Server Log

Only audio device that connects is the computer speaker setup on the Win 10 i7 machine I have installed Roon Core on. Roon does not see Project s2 Ultra on the wired network.

Hey @crescenzio,

Thanks so much for sending the logs right away. We’ve looped in our technical team so they can take a closer look and share their insights.

Please, sit tight :nerd_face:

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hi Rebeka how are you?
was wondering if the tech team got into something about this issue…
we are not using roon since days now
thanks for your kind attention!

Hi @crescenzio

I’m following up with the tech folks now to find out the status here. I hope to have some information soon.

Hi @crescenzio

I’m working with our QA team on this and wanted to check in to hopefully get some additional information.

First, can you share a screenshot of Settings > Audio for us?

Are you able to browse content okay?

I notice that you’re using a managed switch. As noted in our Networking Guide, those can require some more advanced configuration to properly work. Are the Core and networked devices connected to this switch via Ethernet? Can you try using an unmanaged switch or connect directly to the router?

hello Dylan, thanks for your support. I’m attaching screenshot of settings/audio, which is an empty page now, and of my content library, which I am able to browse.
We tried to connect the core and networked devices directly into the router, as you suggested, we updated the QNAP to the latest firmware release and we restarted the QNAP and roon server.
Actually nothing has changed, same problem.

Thanks for your help

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same issue with my core with the last update but the problem has shown only after i have rebooted the core. I have try to restart the service and i have try a new reboot.
Core/bridge/ipad/android all have th elast update 1.8
In about i can see all my device but in audio setting there absolutely no audio interface anymore.
All device are on the same lan network with ethernet or wifi.

Please resolv this issue fast roon is unusable without audio output :frowning:

All audio interface are reachable again after another reboot…