No Audio device, no albums, no tracks and nothing with the installation of the new build

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Windows 10 İntel i3 4 gb ram 256 gb SSD laptop

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Hi there,
After every upgrade wirh the new builds l have been facing problems at Roon and sorting out with the reinstallation after a few days This time roon has completely gone the roon server does not reach out any data or any audio hardware at my lap top.
I followed the instructions on the help page and even further I tryed with a different computer the result is the same. This completely makes me upset and annoyed.

Now I am fed up with the new builds and I seriously consider to cancel my yearly subscription even if I am a fan of roon

Hope you have any solutions for me rather than offering the ones published on the help page?


Hi @Timucin_Gok we’re so sorry that you have encountered this! Thank you for alerting me to your post.

Were you able to see the update I shared in the previous post? You can see it here: Roon update there was an issue loading your libary - #11 by ashley

We’re releasing a fix in our next release, coming out next week.

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Thank you Ashley

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thank you once again Ashley it is working smoothly now after the latest build.

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@Timucin_Gok I’m so happy to hear this, thank you for sharing an update with us! :partying_face:

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