No audio devices after reinstalling Roon

Roon Core Machine

PC 11600k 32gb RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Modem → TP Link C50 → PC (core)
→ TP Link C50 → Uptone Etherregen → Sonore Optical Rendu / cambridge audio CXN2 v2

Connected Audio Devices

PC, Rendu and CXN as described above, all wired connections, fiber into the Rendu. All devices have received their static IPs through the TP Link C50 router

Number of Tracks in Library

Used to connect Qobuz and also a small library < 2000 tracks

Description of Issue

Had pleasant 60 trial with Roon after purchase of SOnore Optical Rendu. All worked well, used mainly HQPlayer (via Rendu) or the Rendu directly to play Qobuz music via Roon. But did a lot of AB testing playing via PC or CXN. Just before end of trial I purchased a monthly subscription. Few days or many hours after becoming a subscriber (dont remember exactly) Roon started crashing. It would crash everytime I was using HQPlayer and would restart it (the hqp). Also would crash often with other devices. Tried rebooting everything in the network chain, etc, didn’t help. Read about reinstalling Roon, so I tried it. After reinstall it quickly open the first time showing eveything as before for the first time I opened it. Then it closed and when restarting Roon, all was gone. I had not performed a backup (my fault, newbie to Roon). Now I have no folder selected, no Qobuz and no devices showing. I tried to perform a backup (even though now there is nothing to backup really) and there is an error backing up database. Everytime I try recycling all network, restarting windows etc, nothing changes and yet I have to show music folder and connect Qobuz again upon starting Roon, and device list shows nothing. Also tried uinstalling Avast or leaving its firewall off, and also tried restoring Windows defender settings ( I had recently upgraded to avast premium so it was my first suspect for causing the issues.)

I admit I probably lost 60 days worth of DSP settings , several adjustments to my Qobuz Playlists, etc, but I can live with that if my devices appear again and backup works so I can perform scheduled ones from now on.


By the way, just confirmed that even though I can connect to Qobuz gain, it doesn’t seem to be working properly. It will show some of the playlists in My Qobuz (not all of them, just the most recent ones, maybe the ones created after I first intalled Roon, but can’t be sure). It does not show anything under the tabs “new in Qobuz” , etc. WHen trying to show the actual songs in any of the “my playslists”, Roon will crash. Don’t know if this is because no device is connected anyway

updated to Roon 2.0
nothing changed. My Roon core IP is alright, but when try to add HQPlayer (same IP as has always been) it just doesn’t go. Still crashing when trying to access Qobuz (and I mean just display songs of any playlist). Not only I will unfortunetly not be able to renew my subscription but also feel I wanted my money back since I had just a few days of working Roon after i subscribed.
Really glad I didn’t pay for the whole year though

Hi all!

No support, really?


subscription about to end and not gonna be renewed. Might try Roon again once I format my PC