No audio devices detected

After using Roon on my nuc successfully for many years, I ran into issue one month ago with Roon’s recognition of audio devices. I never experienced this issue before. Starting my system , Roon will not recognize the audio device, not intern and also no external. I have access to the Roon core from all of my devices and the nuc is located on the router overview. So network connections are OK.

The red triangle icon at the top right of the screen indicates that Roon has found an error. Click on the icon and tell us what the message is. Thanks.

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Have you rebooted everything including your network

That usually fixes the red exclamation mark. It probably didn’t get a connection or something

Hi Geoff,

the red exclamation mark is only the information that the last backup is missing (because my hard disk were offline).

Hi Mike,

I rebooted everything several times. I have also de-energised everything several times, without success. I am surprised that there are also no internal sources of the NUC available (there are still 6 in the past available). I am currently a bit helpless because I found no bottom for “reorganizing”…

You said NuC but, just to make sure, this is ROCK or you running something else on the NuC?

I am only running ROCK on my NUC!!

Are you seeing the web admin page , whatever your core IP address

One possibility is the M.2 OS card going south but the NUC wouldn’t boot if so. Can you hook up a screen to the HDMI out of the NUC , does it seem to boot normally. It will also tell you the IP address you need