"No Audio Devices Found" and Missing Zones with Bryston BDA-3

Dear Roon Support,

After upgrading Windows 10 from version 1511 to Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Version 1607) I have started experiencing issues with audio zones.

System info:
Roon V1.2/build 157/64 bit
OS: Win 10, 64 bit (version 1607)
DAC: Bryston BDA-3

I have two audio zones configured for Bryston BDA-3:


When my audio system is turned OFF, Bryston BDA-3 is in standby mode and the Roon PC is shut down (not sleep mode).
When the audio system if being turned on, Bryston BDA-3 starts first then the Roon PC.

Now, when turning on the system, I get two issues:

  1. Most frequent occurrence is that the “BDA3 WASAPI” zone disappears.
    At the same time the “BDA3 ASIO” zone is still available.

When checking settings, in audio setup “BDA3 WASAPI” zone becomes disabled.
Reconfiguring (Enable) it corrects the issue.

Or, rebooting Roon PC while Bryston BDA-3 DAC remains powered on, re-enables the “BDA3 WASAPI” zone.

  1. The second scenario that happens is that both zones are not available and Roon produces and messages “No Audio Devices Found”.

In order to correct the issue I would need to re-enable both zones in audio setup or reboot the Roon PC while BDA-3 remains powered on.

However, re-enabling/re-configuring zones does not permanently fix the issue. The issue is reoccurring when the system is turned on.
Keeping Bryston BDA-3 DAC powered on all the time (which I do not prefer) seems to help.

I would greatly appreciate it your support in correcting this problem.
Thank you.


@support (New member request for support) in above post.

Hi Robert,

I am bit new to Roon. What do you mean by “(New member request for support) in above post”?

I saw that you were a new member and wanted specific Roon Support - by using the flag @, this will make sure you were properly directed to the Roon support folks. Some other members may post as well, but as a Mac guy, I know very little about WASAPI.

Welcome to Roon. :grinning:

Hi Robert,

Can I flag my topic now? If yes, what are the steps for doing it?


Support should pick up the flag I dropped. You can always do the same by typing @ and support as I did in post #2. Some personnel are in different time zones, so you may need to wait a few hours depending on who is on duty for support this weekend. One of the many knowledgeable PC members may chime in as well.

Thanks Robert. Hopefully someone from the Roon staff will look at it soon.

How do you have the Roon PC connected to the Bryston? USB? And I did not notice you describe what happens if you keep the Roon PC on and turn the audio stack on / off?

Hi Daniel,

Yes, Roon PC is connected to Bryston BDA-3 DAC via the USB port.
When I toggle the power off on Bryston and on it does not help, still no audio devices.
I need to restart the Roon PC (while Bryston remains powered on) to have it corrected.
I am not sure if I understood your question correctly that by mentioning audio stack you had Bryston in mind.

Thank you.


Hey Kris,

I was just asking if you leave the Roon PC on without turning it off, does it have the issue when the Bryston is turned off and on?


I have done another test when both Roon PC is on, Bryston BDA-3 is on and the audio zone (based on WASAPI via USB) is available and functioning properly.

  1. Roon PC playback is ON
  2. Bryston is powered OFF
  3. Roon PC playback STOPs

Roon software displays a message:
Transport: Roon lost control of an audio device.
Select an Audio Zone.

  1. Bryston is powered back ON
  2. Audio zone used previously (WASAPI via USB) re-appears in the lower-right corner of the screen
  3. Pressing Play starts playback

So, in this scenario Roon and Bryston seem to re-negotiate fairly well.

Daniel, are you on the Roon’s development team?
Where do we go from here?

Thank you.



I am not an official Roon employee, just another Roon user who wants to help out. @Eric would be official support. (fyi - using the @ sign and name will notify the user).

In my 9 to 5, I’ve been noticing an increase in USB issues after the MS Anniversary Update. Specifically, in auto-renegotiation between a PC and USB device in the scenario where the PC has been turned off and then on and the USB device is either still on or in a sleep state.

It might be that the MS Update has in some way compromised the Bryston USB drivers. One suggestion would be to remove/re-install the Bryston USB drivers and see if that makes a difference.

That’d be my suggestion as well. Are you using a USB 2 or USB 3 port on the computer? I’d suggest a USB 2 port if you can.

Ideally, you want the BDP up and running before you start the computer. That way, as the computer powers up, it will find the BDP. Otherwise, you are relying on the drivers to “hot swap”, which may be the problem. It can be corrected with a driver update, but having the devices ready to go when the computer boots should address that potential problem.

Once the computer is booted up and has recognized the BDP, then start Roon.

Hi Daniel and Garrett,

I appreciate your suggestions. I have made one change so far by uninstalling Bryston drivers, rebooting PC and reinstalling Bryston drivers (the latest version available from Bryston v3.23.0). The ASIO audio zone was still there, however the WASAPI zone was gone. I have enabled and configured the WASAPI audio zone and the playback was working again. Then I have turn OFF and ON the whole system (all devices) three times on the row and Roon recognized the Bryston WASAPI zone every time. I have not made any changes to the order in which devices are turned on nor USB port types. Let’s see if this has fixed the issue. I will update my post soon.

Garrett, Bryston is connected to USB 3.0 now. I do have USB 2.0 port available as well.

Thank you.


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