No audio devices found anymore [Resolved - Restored backup]

Roon Core Machine

Roon Server on Mac Mini (2018), 16 GB Ram, OS 11.15.2.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Fritz Box 7490

Connected Audio Devices

dcs bridge, ipad 10, iphone 7

Library Size

about 40,000 tracks in library

Description of Issue

Everything worked fine until today. Because the roon-update message was bothering me, I did the requested roon update. After the update was completed, the system came back, but I had the message “no audio device found”. The system did not even find the built-in devices on the ipad and iphone. I searched for hints in the internet and found comments like renaming RAATServer directory to RAATServer_old, and I did so, but with no effect. Any help would be appreciated.

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I had this happen today too … try installing Roon again. You might need to restore your Roon database (Go to Settings, Backups, Find backups to restore). After this I was asked to login to Tidal again so that I could see my Tidal library. This worked for me …

PS: Make sure you backup your library FIRST.

No reinstall, no backup / restore (not work) only: today Roon died, after restore no devices found. Solution? On Core logout from Roon Account and logon. Simple but sad is that something with communication RoonCore-RoonDataCenter is broken. Also Tidal not work for me, the same solution here - logout/logon.

Hello, roon is working again, but this was a long and painful procedure:

  • Simply re-installing roon did not work.
  • I then removed all roon and raat components from the folder ~/library
    and also removed roon server from the programs folder
  • Finally, I re-installed roon. This time, I also had to provide login
    data, and I also could select an audio device.
  • Next, I wanted to restore the library that I had saved yesterday. This
    seemed to work, but when the albums were shown, the message “no audio
    devices found“ was back.
  • As a last resort, I then restored a library that I had saved six
    months ago. This took a little longer, because the database format had
    changed in the meantime and had to be converted, but finally, I could
    play music again.


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