"no audio devices found" error occurs every day

Roon Core Machine

Windows Server 2016 Essentials running on DIY 3rd Gen, 6 core, Ryzen 5 system. 16GB of ram. 4 RAID HDDs with system on SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Large home LAN with many switches and Access Points. Most Roon devices running off Gigabit Ethernet. Server connected with Gigabit Ethernet.

Connected Audio Devices

Many different Roon endpoints. PCs, Macs, Android, Oppo 205, 3 Denon AVRs, various other devices.

Number of Tracks in Library

44264 tracks

Description of Issue

Every day when I start Roon from any device it will report “No audio devices found”. The quick fix is to simply “Remote Desktop” into the Windows 2016 Server and close the Roon server instance and then restart Roon. That works every time but is rather annoying that I have to do that. I only need to do that once a day. Roon seems to work fine for the rest of that day but the issue will return again the next day.
The Windows Server is on a schedule to suspend every day at Midnight and then restarts at 6 AM.

Does it happen if you don’t suspend?

Can you schedule a restart to resume at the time you need it…some motherboards support this

Are you suggesting that I restart the server every day instead of simply suspending it? Not sure that is a good idea on a server especially if the restart is call by the MB. I could cancel the midnight suspend to test this out instead. . . . In the meantime I have made a successful workaround by running a batch script via Windows Task Scheduler which kills the Roon Server instance 5 minutes before the system suspends for the night and the another task that start Roon Server the next morning. Simple and effective.

I’m not sure why you would suspend a machine running a server application at any time for that matter but it’s your choice.

My server is for personal home use. Its not a business or organization server. I see no need to run the server during the hours when no one will be using it. How about energy savings. I’m sure most folks would consider using a Windows 2016 Server overkill but I got used to using (the terrific) Windows Home Server (WHS) when MS was supporting it. Windows 2016 Server Essentials is the last server version that is easily usable by non-IT folk and configurable in a similar manner to WHS.

Hey @Richard_Patton,

I’m so sorry for the delay in getting back to you :pensive: . We wished we could have replied sooner…

Many times. a no audio device found error points to corruption. Could you please try following the steps below? There’s a good chance this is what’s going on:

I’m pretty sure there is no corruption of the database. I believe its related to the fact that my Windows Server on which Roon Server is running automatically suspends ever evening at Midnight. The next morning after the Server wakes up Roon will start running again but all endpoints will report “No Audio Devices”. I have a successful work around and that is to simply schedule a task which kills the Roon Server task just prior to the nightly system suspend. There is another automated task which will restart Roon after the system awakes. That has worked perfectly for the last couple of weeks.

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I would like to ask you a question about USB drives used for Roon music storage. My servers USB drive which is exclusively used for Roon does not seem to spin down at any time. It thought that was only true for NAS drives. Please let me know if the drives should spin down as I see not point in having the drive up and running when it is only used for a couple of hours a day at most.