No audio devices found MacBook Pro i7 2021

Roon Core Machine

Roon core is connecting with meridian 210 streamer via bluetooth on my MacBook laptop I7 2021

Networking Gear & Setup Details


meridian connected via LAN. MacBook Pro Laptop connected via wi-fi on a Movistar router

Connected Audio Devices

Meridian 210 streamer , meridian DSP 7200 speaker

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I am connecting Roon to my Tidal account. All good. I bluetooth laptop to Meridian streamer. All good The Roon app won’t identify the Output device on network. Under settings/Audio its not giving me the option of making my meridian the output source . please help

Roon (software) does not support Bluetooth. That is up to the computer (hardware and OS) running the core.


@iain_hutchison, @WiWavelength is correct, Roon does not natively support Bluetooth endpoints. One workaround is to set your Mac’s System Output (the default audio output to your Bluetooth-connected Meridian 210 and then set an endpoint Roon to play to your Mac’s System Output. That will provide some control from Roon to your 210 but will be limited somewhat by the Mac’s audio system settings.

Hi @iain_hutchison,

This topic will automatically close shortly, so the team wanted to confirm whether or not you’re still experiencing an issue with endpoints disappearing on your Mac Core.

@Robert_F is correct regarding Bluetooth capability. If non-Bluetooth endpoints are disappearing or you’re otherwise encountering issues streaming to your networked endpoints, please respond on this topic thread, and the team will investigate promptly. Thank you!

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