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Updated my 2012 MacMini, High Sierra to 806 and lost all my Devices any ideas how to fix this?

Hello @William_Kopelman

We’re sorry to hear that you’re having problems since the update. There’s quite a few new features in the latest build that we’re sure you’ll enjoy; we want to get this cleared up for you so you can check those out!

Let’s start with a simple reboot of your Mac Mini Roon Core. After the reboot start Roon and see if that fixes your issue.

If not, let’s follow up by attempting a clean manual install of Roon from our Downloads page.

If that’s not successful we’ll continue to troubleshoot. We’ll have you back up and runing soon.

Jamie, already did a clean install no luck, trying to send the logs now.
Thanks Billy

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Thank you for the quick followup and update, @William_Kopelman

We’ll keep an eye out for the logs.

Jamie, how do I share my Dropbox folder with you.
Thanks Billy

Jamie, any updates on my issue?
Thanks Billy

Hey @William_Kopelman,

I am so sorry it’s been so long since your last post. I wonder, are you still experiencing this issue?

We’d love another opportunity to help :nerd_face:

Rebeka, thanks for the follow up. We’ve been in Hawaii will come back in October, I’ll try and resolve the issue then.


Hey @William_Kopelman,

Thanks for the heads up! It sounds like there’s beautiful times ahead of you. I hope you’ll be safe and enjoying yourself to the fullest.

Whenever you return and want to troubleshoot Roon, we’ll be here for you :nerd_face:

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