No Audio Devices Found March 2021

The latest update has just been installed and ever since, in now says no Audio Devices Found, in addition when re-logging in to the app, it asks me every-time to login in to Tidal.

It was all working perfectly fine prior to the Update.

It seems to be every time you here is an update, further issues occur… @support @DylanCaudill

#support #support #roon #audio-products #audio-products:devialet #arcam

Hey @Rudi_Golba,

I am so sorry the update has had such consequences on your end! We’d love to help sort it out. Could you please make a post in #support following the guidelines here?

That’s the best and fastest way to get help :pray:

Hey @Rudi_Golba,

Thanks for sharing over a private message that this issue was resolved by changing to a faster internet connection,reinstalling the Roon software on the nucleu and resetting the IP address.

I’m going to mark this thread as solved and close it, but, feel free to reach back out if you run into any issues :slight_smile: