No Audio Devices Found on MacOS 10.12.6 / 10.13.6 due to RAATServer crashing [Ticket In]

Roon Core Machine

Apple Mac Mini (Late 2012)
OS 10.12.6

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Comcast router
Using WiFi

Connected Audio Devices

USB (Music Streamer II)

Number of Tracks in Library

38,500 tracks

Description of Issue

Have been using Roon for several years without the following issue, but when I opened Roon on my laptop (where I always control it from) today it says “No Audio Devices Found.” When I click on “Manage Audio Devices” I do not see the Core nor the laptop as audio choices. I have restarted the Core and laptop, and logged out/logged in but still have the same issue.

Reading how to solve this it seemed like restoring from a backup might be the answer. However, although I have backups set to run every 4 days and I can see all sorts of files in the endless subfolders in Roon Backups as early as 3 days ago, when I click on the Restore from Backup button it only shows me backups from 2020.

Any ideas? Thanks.

What build are you on?
The latest for your generation of macos is build 904.
If not on that please update to it, reboot and see if that fixes it

Yes, using build 904.

We will have to wait for support to take a look at this for you.

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Update: 1) I’ve checked to make sure the core is not on a different subnet (it’s not), and 2) My other laptop and iPhone can see themselves as audio devices but not the core. My main laptop sees neither itself nor the core.

Regarding the backups issue, I can see that the last scheduled backup took place yesterday so that is working correctly:

But when attempting to restore I only see backups through August, 2020:

Hi @DeathRobot,

Thank you for getting in touch about this. It’s been a while since we saw you last, sorry that it was a problem that prompted your visit.

There was an unexpected issue with Build 903 that resulted in missing endpoints on Mac OS 10.13.6. We shipped a hot fix, Build 904, that corrected this but we’ve had a few follow up reports that Mac OS 10.12.6 is still exhibiting these issues.

We’re currently investigating and working toward a solution. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Thanks, Jamie. Glad to hear it’s a known issue. I’ll just listen to records for awhile… :slight_smile:

Roon has also stopped recognizing new additions to my library.

Just updated Roon to the latest version ( I now see the missing albums and the newest backups (build 904, 898, and 804). However, I still do not see audio zones. Have restarted all devices and logged out and back in. What are next steps? Thanks.

Hi Jamie. Still having trouble. See post from earlier today.

Installed build 904
No change on my end,
Cannot see DAC nor Core audio
MacOS 10.12.6

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I would suggest you disconnect the DAC from power and USB too reboot everything and reconnect if you are still having issues. Some DAC’s don’t reset the USB if its getting power from the computer and this can cause issues.

Tried your suggestion.
Still DAC not recognized as well as core audio.
Any other suggestion.
I want it to be functioning,
Waiting for your approval if I transfer my Roon Core?


does the MAC see it in the system report for USB devices?

Hi @Isaias_A.Lanzona ,

I split your post into a separate thread to better investigate why the fix didn’t work for you. It doesn’t look like your iMac Core is communicating properly with our servers, I am unable to pull your Roon logs. Can you please use these instructions to upload a manual set of logs here and let me know?

Also, if you have any firewalls or antivirus on the iMac, please ensure that Roon is added as an exception (or temporarily turn it off to see if that fixes it).

This is also not 10.13… its 10.12 maybe a separate issue or one that is still present?

I may need assistance to follow your instructions.
I am a new Roon customer for less than a month only.
Everything was going well until the update.
After installing I cannot find my core audio and DAC.
I am surprised why my Roon logs cannot be pulled out.
Will transferring my room core easier?

Sending the zip file for Roon logos.
This is the link of the file from Google drive

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I have sent also the RAAT server logs,
Here is the link to the file at Google drive

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