No Audio Devices Found on MacOS 10.12.6 / 10.13.6 due to RAATServer crashing [Ticket In]

Any suggestion?
I have another iMac with OS 12.1.
Is it better to transfer my Roon core?
I have sent my Roon and RAAT logs to @noris.
Thank you.

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Thank you.
I hope my problem be fixed

Any update on my concern.

Hi @Isaias_A.Lanzona,

Your logs are with the team and we’re investigating. We’ll get back to you as soon as we have more information to share. We appreciate your patience while we delve into this. :pray:t2:

Thank you.

I still am having the same problem.
No core audio and DAC after build 904.

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As you can see from @jamie post just above Roon are well aware but it’s the weekend so I seriously doubt any resolution is going to occur until next week.
Frustrating I know but thank you for your patience and understanding.

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I got a message from Ashley regarding my problem. How do I reach out to him? Any solution to my problem?

Hi Jamie,
Ashley from the Roon team was asking questions.
How do I reach out to him?
I am still having the same problem.
Can you give me any solution right now?
Do I have to change my Roon Core?

Roon Core Machine

iMac with MacOS 10.12.16 (Sierra) this is my Roon core

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

Pro-ject prebox S2 digital

Number of Tracks in Library

1000 tracks

Description of Issue

I do not know how to respond to the team regarding [##285455##] I think something is broken
I have communicated earlier with your team (Noris and Jamie). I have even sent my Roon logs and RAAT server logs. My computer (iMac with OS 10.12.6) serves as my Roon core. Everything was doing well until the last build 903. But even with build 904 I cannot see my core audio from my iMac and my DAC (Pro-Ject predigital S2). I have not changed my cable nor my wifi server. I have my usual router with speed of 600 Mbps. I connect my Core through WiFi. I have tried the reboot the Core, router and audio devices as earlier recommended. I am willing to perform them again. How do you fully reboot the Core? Do I just have to sign-out and sign-in again? What is the best solution?

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I am sorry .
Correction on macOs it is 10.12.6

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Hi, @Isaias_A.Lanzona, apologies for the late reply, could you, please, do the following:

  1. Terminate Roon on your macOS machine
  2. Open the Terminal app
  3. Execute this command: /Applications/ -colorconsole -noexit
  4. Send us the output which you see
  5. Shut down the Terminal app




Did what Ivan suggested
Output: No such file or directory

@Isaias_A.Lanzona, thank you for the response. Could you, please, provide a screenshot of what you are seeing when running this command? I am asking to make sure that everything is correct, because it works ok on my Mac.



Thank you, Ivan.
This is
the screenshot.

Understood, thank you, @Isaias_A.Lanzona. I am gathering more data for our dev team to investigate this issue.

As the next step, could you please do the following:

  1. Terminate Roon app
  2. Open Console app on your mac
  3. Make it start printing the system log
  4. Launch the Roon app
  5. Stop printing the system log after 30 seconds of the app running
  6. Save console’s output
  7. Share it with us



These are the printing output.

Let me know if what I send is enough.

Thanks, could you, please, save the output as a text file and send it to me, please? Sorry for not being clear about this in the initial set of steps.