No audio devices found the second time I launched ROON

The first time I used ROON I could select an audio output (day, system output,…). Working fine.
Now (second time) there is no audio devices in Settings, Audio.

I’m using a MacBook Pro 2016, 16 Gb memory, Mojave 10.14.3
DAC : Cambridge Audio, Encore MDSD.

Need help.

Hi @luc_poli,

Do you have any active antivirus or firewall on the Core machine? If you temporarily disable them is there any change here?

Since noticing they’re not in Roon have you tried rebooting your Core machine?

Hi Dylan,

I disable firewall and now it’s ok.


Toot fast.

No sound. So I decide to restart ROON and now : No audio devices found.

No antivirus, firewall disabled.

Many problems. Perhaps too many to buy subscription.

Hi @luc_poli,

Apologies for the continued troubles here. Just to verify, disabling the firewall allowed you to see the devices in Roon but not play to them? Did you receive any errors when trying to play back?

Instead of leaving the firewall disabled, try entering an exception in you firewall and antivirus for Roon and RAATServer. After doing so can you see the devices again?

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