No audio devices found - with Uniti Nova, TP Link, and QNAP

Core Machine

Core Machine is a QNAP TVS-672N, firmware version (latest), its an Inter Core i3-8100T CPU @3.1GHZ, memory of 4GB.

It’s running Roon Server V2021.02.01 (latest).

Network Details

We have two routers in the house.
The first one is a router of our telecom provider, which connects the optic fibre cable of our provider to the ethernet network in the house. I’m happy to provide technical details, but not sure which ones are relevant.

The second router is a recently installed TP-Link Archer AX11000( Firmware Version: 1.1.1 Build 20200716 rel.84595(4555)), which receives the WAN from the first router, and is connected (by ethernet cable) to the Qnap NAS running Roon and the Naim Uniti Nova (running latest firmware and is Roon-ready). The TP-Link also connects (5Ghz) to the iMac (5k, 2017, Mac OS 11.3), my iPhone 11 (Roon remote .8.00790, iOS 14.5), iPad (iPad OS 14.5, Roon remote 1.8.00790) and a laptop with windows 10 running Roon remote 1.8 (790).

Long story short: all the latest firmware/software installed on relatively recent equipment.

Audio Devices

Naim Uniti Nova (running latest firmware and is Roon-ready)

Description of Issue

Hi all,

I’m having issues with Roon - it does not find any of the audio devices. Below the technical specifications of my set-up.

So the main issue that, despite running up-to-date firmware everywhere, none of my Roon-remote devices finds any audio devices. I have earlier rebooted all devices and reinstalled Roon on the iMac - to no avail.

Now the Roon remote finds the Nova again, after a router reboot.
But half of my PC’s / laptops cannot connect to the router anymore.
I’m going to live in the woods with some books and a flute…

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Having two routers is likely the source of your issues. You more than likely creating what is known as a double nat. With each router creating two separate networks and both handing out DHCP addresses. This will make an unholy mess and you will have different devices on different subnets. Make sure the tplink is set to bridge mode if it has this mode and gets addresses from DHCP from your main router. I imagine your wired and wireless network are also on different subnets.

Check the IP addresses of all devices they should all be in the same range to function correctly. This means the first 3 sets of numbers need to be identical e.g.,

And check if you can either set your ISP router to be just a modem or set the tplink to be a bridge not a router. Networks only need one router to run DHCP and manage IP addresses.

Hi @Paul_Boot2

@CrystalGipsy is spot on here — Roon requires all devices to be on the same subnet, and it seems like your current networking setup is creating 2. If the second router has a bridge mode, that should resolve things.

@CrystalGipsy and @dylan thanks for the replies and apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Didn’t get a notification when you replied.

You’re comments seem to correspond to my experience - I cahnged the IP addresses and haven’t had any issues since. Thanks!


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