No Audio Devices Listed

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core on Qnap NAS

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Asus Wifi mesh at incredible speed
NAS connected through ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Chord 2go+Hugo2 and Bluesound

Library Size

Description of Issue

just started the trial and none of my audio devices are listed…
The blue sound setup works on BluOS.
What’s wrong?


What do you see at this screen?
Settings: Audio.

Don’t know why I can’t upload the pic, but only lists the HDMI output connections from the NAS.
None of the blue sound devices or the 2go…

The HDMI are listed as connected to core directly.
None of the wifi connected devices are listed.
Something wrong with the wifi settings?

Are your WIFI devices sit on the same subnet (192.168.1.XXX) as your Roon Core wired network (192.168.1.XXX)

It 's because you are very to the forum, should be ok now.

Hi @Juliana_Pinto

Is your QNAP connected to the main Asus mesh router via Ethernet or is it connected to a different device? Are the remotes you’re using connected via WiFi as well? Are they all on the same IP range?

Jackpot!!! The Qnap was connected to the main router… Problem solved!!
Thks so much!


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