No audio devices on Roon Core 1.8 (build 903)

Since upgrading to latest Roon core build my audio devices are no longer showing up under audio settings. All other computers running the non-core Roon software work fine. The audio output device (A USB Meridian DAC) works fine on every other program (itunes, VLC, KODI, safari, Firefox). In fact the Core server computer isnt even showing up under audio settings any longer! It only shows all the other computers and devices running Roon.

What am I missing here???

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Same here.
It happened with other updates and I solved it by rebooting my laptop. But this didn’t help this time.

same here, reboot doesn’t help

i am having the same problem jim long

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Hi @Tim_Hayes , @JAVIER_ESTEBAN , @Federico_Naef , @James_C_long

Thank you for getting in touch with your reports. We’re tracking and investigating this behavior in the thread below. Please keep an eye on it for further updates.

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