No Audio from Roon Nucleus or Tidal through Roon App

Since updating the new roon software and also on iPhone, No audio is being sent to my Devialet Expert Pro, but it works directly from Tidal.

It also doesn’t work with Airplay either through roon.

Build 528

Is your Devialet showing up in the Roon audio tab as a device? If so, is it enabled?

Yes and yes, it even selects the roon ready on the Devialet. It doesn’t even pay audio from the library on the nucleus + as well tidal tracks.

I’d turn off the Nucleus and the Devialet, and then, in order, re-boot the Nucleus and then the Devialet (pull out the power cord and wait about 10 seconds before reinserting). I’ve often found a re-boot will cure some nagging problems. If that doesn’t work, Roon people will probably chime in and ask for some diagnostics.

Already rebooted roon, and problem solved.


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