No audio playback with sonictransporter

@support . This may be self-inflicted problem but not sure how to resolve. Using iPad as Roon remote, latest OS, sonictransporter AP with ssd, Sonore Signature Rendu SE, both with 2.7 OS. This feeds Schiit Yggy Dac. Everything was working fine. Then, I was reading about getting software ready for a possible Qobuz launch. This included switching from Roon Ready on the ST to MDP. I switched back to Roon ready on sonicorbiter but now nothing plays. I see the zones in Roon, but when I select m listening zone and hit play I sometimes get this message “Transport: playback has failed due to unexpected error communicating with audio device.” but not always. My playback includes files on ssd and Tidal

Can you play to the iPad as an end point?
As in if you play to the iPad does it work?

Did you switch the endpoints back to roon mode from mpd mode as well as the server?

Hello @larry_green,

Have you tried rebooting your DACs, Core and Networking Gear yet? You may want to do that just to ensure that everything is in a fresh state again. Does the Yggy DAC work if connected directly to the SonicTransporter bypassing the UltraRendu?


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Rebooted everything but no change. I was able to stream to my AV receiver with Roon via airplay successfully so not sure now if this is a software problem in setting from Roon or maybe in the sonicorbiter OS settings

Rebooted everything again and now seems to be working fine.


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