No audio with LinnDS

(Moving my issue from the feature request sub-forum on Linn-issues to here)

I’m running Roon’s build 88 (32bit) on Windows 7 machine. I’m trying to route the audio that Roon is playing on the PC’s soundcard to my Linn DS streamer.

When I enable SongCast (app that creates a virtual sound device that routes all the PC audio to the streamer), the choice for “System output” is no longer listed in Roon. If I go to the “Audio Setup” in Roon, I can see that “System Output” is marked with “Failed: Audio Device Not Found.”.

If SongCast is disabled, then “System Audio” is once again listed as a choice in the “Zones” list and in “Audio Setup”.

I’ve tried removing the “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device” flag from the device properties in Windows Control Panel but that did not change anything.

Any ideas on what I could do the resolve the issue?