No audio zones on QNAP Core after update

Mike -

I’m having issues very similar to what Brad describes except I am running Roon on a QNAP-TVS-471. Running into microrendu then to DAC. All was running smoothly until the upgrade then NO AUDIO DEVICES FOUND message. I see this with the Roon interface on iPhone or Mac. Also, the Roon server cannot find my local files (even through the paths seem to be set correctly). The connection to TIDAL still seems to be there but of course cannot play anything because no device found. Tried rebooting all components one-by-one or together - same problems persist. My log files for ROONserver and RAATserver are at Dropbox address

Can you help? Thanks

  • Mike W

Hey @Michael_Wittekind – we’ll take a look. Can you confirm you have space on the QNAP partition where your Roon database is stored?

The ROONserver is installed on a 64Gb thumbdrive plugged into the QNAP. All the files residing on the drive take up 3.51 Gb

The QNAP was updated to 4.3.3 recently. The Roon version running on the QNAP is 2017-02-02

Hi @Michael_Wittekind ----- Thank you for your patience while our team has been looking into this for you.

Moving forward, I wanted to let you know that a fix has been set into place to address this this issue and is pending our next build release. When the release does go live, please take the update and let us know how things are behaving.


When do you anticipate that the fix will go live?

Hi @Michael_Wittekind ----- Once all fixes have been tested by our QA department the build will go live.