No audo devices found - DragonFly Red

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I7-7700K ,RTX3080 ,MSI Z270 ,32GB DDR4 ,WIN10

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From about 2 - 3 weeks Roon can’t find any audio devices - but there was few times i seen it’s trying to enable Dragonfly and there was a place to fill it with new name -but when i confirm new name Roon shut down .
i 've done Uninstal + new instal twice (once with no no data delated and secound time with deleting data ) -No results

From that time Ronn work great to those where not - i ve add one app - Tidal i dont know is it make any diferences - just saying

Please help :slight_smile:

NO endpoints? Start small, enabling both the laptop’s built in speakers, and then also its headphone jack. Roon should treat them as independent. Test each.

For the Dragonfly, if it gets recognized ensure headphones work with it before moving to the Edifiers.

but when i confirm new name Roon shut down . Yeah something’s amiss there.

I see one … its my tv sony on the same wifi lane … ;/ but nothing from PC …0 :frowning:
i put out and again in USB and jack for headphones with no DAC just from motherboard - nothing change still zero devices .
But i ve seen for a couple secounds all my endpoints before its disapear and when i click refresh - loading for couple minutes and finding nothing .

Thank U for intrest :slight_smile:

Can anyone have same problem ? what should i do :frowning: my new paymenrt will be don at 28 day of month i dont want to cancel it but when its not working what can i else do ?

Hey @support, any logs he can send you that might provide a clue? Looks like everything is setup and was previously working fine but Roon is losing the scent here.

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Hey @Patryk_Ratke,

Thanks a lot for letting us know of the issue. Just yesterday, we had a chance to reply to your email. Would you please try the steps outlined there?

Hello Rebeka,
im not sure if i understand all , but i do have roon on my PC i dont have any others devices like nucleos or rock (maybe im not sure im right becouse that all information about rock was so complicated/hard to uinderstand :stuck_out_tongue: ) .
i have bought again monthly subscribstion to check i f i can do it what u wrote . Funny fact what i seen , ; i have old installer from 29/oct/21year ,i seen all my outputs till i click update do new version … so im just doing it again but i ll not try to auto update .
Results : i click on ask for update but i see now that i have leastest version ,so i dont know how but i using my DragonFly again and even after turn off and turn on roon app ::slight_smile:
Now i enable my only one device not also headphones like previosly .
I don`t know how and why but it works great now .

Thanks for litlle push with hope - that helps me alot to use it again ,i don`t know why ibut i dont care till i listen music :slight_smile:

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