No automatic update from Version 110 [ae9095c8494d2121]

Hi @spockfish!

Thanks for your continuous work on ropieee, very appreciated. I thought I’ll let you know that my device does not update automatically for unknown reasons, at least for me. As I got the impression you somekind focus on this matter, I sent you the logs.


The update happened after a reboot. Do you have you device set to reboot daily or weekly. My Ropieee devices always update after a reboot.

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Hi @Tobias_Lemmen,

Unfortunately your unit has a problem on disk, hence it fails when pulling in the update.
If your familiar with SSH we can try to correct it, otherwise you need to reflash.

Regards Harry

@John_Aiello Thanks for chiming in. Reboot is set to daily, but it still does not work.

@spockfish Thanks for looking into the matter. I’ll try the SSH method, if it is not too much hassle for you telling me where too look/what to do. Otherwise I’ll just reflash :slight_smile:


here we go: login with SSH (as root with password root) and run the following commands:

rm -rf /usr/share/licenses/linux-firmware
rm -rf /usr/lib/firmware
rm /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/linux-firmware.conf

Let me know how it goes.

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Worked perfect!

Dank u wel

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