No connect to Qobuz (build 913)

Since this morning, after the build 913 update, I can no longer connect to Qobuz. If I try with the Qobuz app, everything works fine.
thank you for your comeback

Try signing in and out of Qobuz inside of Roon and restart the Roon core inbetween signing in and out, see if that helps!

Did you check to see if you need to re-enter your Qobuz login credentials?


Might be something simple like that…

I re-entered my credentials: network error
I changed my password on Qobuz and tried again: network error
however with the Qobuz applications the connection works.

Hope it’s all right to ask this here
I cancelled Qobuz a few months ago but wanted to start again
It used to found in browse under Tidal but no longer
Do I need to go on the Qobuz web page to subscribe again and if so how will that link to Roon
Thanks in advance

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Roon - Settings - Services

But, you will need to go to Qobuz and subscribe first.

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