No connection to core after (unwanted!) upgrade to Roon Android App 1.8 -- how to revert?

My Roon app got automatically upgraded to version 1.8 (without asking me!). When I tried running Roon, the app could not connect to my Roon core (which is running on a Linux server). Now what? How can I go back to the previous Roon App version, which was perfectly fine?

You are sure your Android has not been set to automatically update apps? Probably you did it…

If it won’t connect to the core automatically, click on the blue “help” link on your Android device and manually enter the IP address for your core. That should do the trick AND it should find the core going forward.

Mhhh, I didn’t expect the “Help” button to ask me for an IP number. Oh well…

Is there a way to go back to version 1.7?

No there isn’t.

That can’t be right. I bought into Roon based on the software as it was when I tried it (version 1.7). Now they change the software and I am forced to stay with the changes that I didn’t want?

Read the terms and conditions in the contract you signed up to.

I have a similar issue. My iPhone is updated to 1.8, but I can’t get the Roon Server on the Mac to update. Looks to be doing it on the phone, but has been downloading for days. Until then I’m playing CD’s.

Have you rebooted the Mac?

I have rebooted the Mac 4-5 times, restarted the app, restarted the phone etc. My phone says the core needs to update then it goes to the downloading bar but never finishes.

Try deinstalling and reinstalling on the Mac.

That worked perfectly. Thanks. I am up and running on 1.8.

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Ok, so I managed to upgrade the core to 1.8 and connect to it. However, two of my four endpoints are missing. Oh man… !!!

It seems I can’t revert to the previous version, where things just worked easy-peasy. What are my options? All I am asking is that Roon just works, as it did before this unnecessary upgrade.

You should probably post this in the support section so the Roon team can help you sort it out. That said, sometimes it is as easy as re-enabling these endpoints and/or restarting them if you leave them on all of the time (like Sonos or Blusound). Good luck!

Reboot your Roon core. Roon has a fix for this coming early this week.

Core reboot didn’t help. I can see the the endpoints in the Roon Settings, but it they don’t show up in the list when I try to switch zones in the playback tab.