No connection to dac due to power spikes?

I´m experiencing a lost connection to my dac every time a waterpump in my house starts. Roon is on my PC connecting to a dac via USB. When I use the same dac with a cd-transport connected with an optical cable there is no problem. The problem occurs with ripped music and streamed Tidal alike. When I play Tidal directly from the Tidal software, a pause of one second occurs but then it resumes the playback. When playing through Roon the music dosen´t resume until I press play in Roon. I have tried several things without any luck. I have tried different ac outlets in the house, outlets from different electrical groupings. I have tried simple ac filters both to the pc and dac. I have tinkered with settings within Roon, but I´m not sure if I altered the correct ones.
It´s an old house and I am not 100% sure if the grounding is correct everywere. The Pc is situated in the attic and I have been forced to use a 3m Usb cable to the dac. It´s a Supra usb cable of high quality.
Can I change something in Roon settings? Kindest Regards , Johan Larsen Sweden

Try a UPS, it’ll likely help

See Settings > Setup:

On a more serious note: are you able to try a different computer for USB?

If all else fails, @evand’s suggestion is good. Or use an SBC endpoint like a Raspberry Pi with an optical connection to your DAC?


Thank you very much for your suggestions! Excellent with the waterpump setting!
But why do i get different results playing via Roon or directly from the Tidal software? Dosen’t it imply that Roon increases the “gap” or “break” in the synchronising with the dac?

My guess is that USB cable is acting like an antennae and thats an issue…10’ (3M) for a USB run is on the long side.

Try moving the PC and a shorter USB to see if that helps. It could also be the DAC picking up the spike and just dropping off…what DAC are you using and whats it powered by? Please dont tell us its USB powered from the PC :open_mouth:

You might be better off having the DAC at the PC and running some decent Audio cables to your pre/amp

I will try to move the pc downstairs again but the whole idea for moving it up to the attic was to getting rid of noice in my livingroom.
It´s a Cambridge Audio DacMagic with its own power supply.
Still, different results when I play music on Roon from when I play from Tidal software… Same PC, same Dac, same usb cable…
I don’t know…


Hi Johan

I had a similar issue with an old bar fridge in my office. Likely EMI related but EMI filters didn’t help. I thought about getting a new bar bridge but an optical connection to my DAC solved it (for much cheaper).

I can highly recommend this one, if you go with this option. I have one and use the TOSlink output.

I thought the issues are similar enough