No connection to Qobuz - Unexpected Error when logging in [Update To Roon Build 1105]

Perhaps you’ve missed this:

Reboot your Core (if you’re using a ROCK/NUC or Nucleus), or restart Roon Server (if you’re using a PC or Mac). Try that first. If it doesn’t work, then describe your setup in more detail as per the Support template in the #support category of the forum. Thank you.

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Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

Ethernet to a RPi with Ropeee

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Qobuz stopped working. I logged out and Roon is not letting me log back in. My Qobuz account is fine.

The first thing to do is try rebooting your core once or twice. And make saure that you use your Email as login – not username.

Can’t login to Qobuz (fresh core install).

No longer able to login Qobuz. Reset password and can access Q via www.

Using RoonServer on Synology. Cleared cache, shutdown NAS, rebooted router.

Not working.

Thanks for help

I have had that too. Stop the Roon Psckage and start it again did the trick.

Actually overnight it fixed somehow as I could login again this morning. Weird but issue closed.

I guess the update got pushed back?

Something as simple as a reboot of your nucleus and remotes usually clears this up.

Other times, clearing the Qobuz cache in Roon does the trick.

EDIT - have a look at this update just now. Roon 1.8 (Build 1105) is Live! seems to fix a Qobuz login related bug.


Roon 1.8 (Build 1105) is Live! - Roon Software / Software Release Notes - Roon Labs Community


Hello All,

Earlier today we release Roon Build 1105 which should help with the Qobuz issues mentioned in this thread.

Please, try to update your Roon Core at your earliest convenience and let us know if this fixes the issue on your end as well.

Thanks for everyone’s patience while we investigated this issue! Full release notes here:

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All one has to do is ask, right? :blush: :grin::+1:

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Your wish is Roon command :wink:
Hopefully this resolved many issues!

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Do I get two more wishes? :grin:

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Problem still present, roon restart resolved it.

Cannot play Qobuz in Roon one day after build 1105 update.

There was a problem with the Qobuz service this morning - affecting both Roon and Qobuz’s own app. Try again, normal service seems to have been resumed, at least in some regions.

Hey @PixelPopper ,

Did you get an Unexpected Error message? Can you please share a screenshot of it if you see it again? There was also a Qobuz outage last night, so it may have been related to that. In any case, do let us know if you see any Qobuz Unexpected Errors, thanks!

I will forward screenshots if i get a recurrence.
Certainly I discovered there were all sorts of issues with Qobuz as search was broken on app & web access.

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